Perfect Cooktop

“We bought our glass cooktop almost 20 years ago, and cleaning it has been a real pain ever since, until I discovered your product. Thanks!”
~ Richard W.

“I have never found another product that cleans the stains from my cooktop as well as yours, and now I don’t want to.  It makes my cooktop look as good as the day I bought it.”
~ Fae K.

“I’d like to thank you for making Perfect Cooktop such a great cleaner.  I like to keep my cooktop looking nice, but I don’t think there is enough grease in my elbow to use any of the other products I have tried.  No matter what I throw at it, your product does a fantastic job bringing my cooktop back to life.”
~ Rachel T.

Perfect Cooktop
Perfect results with less effort thanks to innovative formulas, higher quality raw materials, more active ingredients, new technology, and extensive R&D...
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Hope’s Perfect Glass has been rated #1 by Good Housekeeping Magazine!
• Featured on Good Morning America
• Perfect Glass took 11 strokes to clean the window while others required 17 to 70 strokes!
Hope’s Premium Home Care Products can be found at many fine retailers including...
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